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NYC Due Diligence

Buying or developing a site in the five boroughs can be a challenge and understanding the environmental risks is critical. Cutting corners when completing environmental due diligence in the city can lead to significant development delays and unforeseen costs. Specifically, developers need to consider the following:


  • Is historic fill located on the property? - many sites in NYC are located on land containing historic fill which is commonly contaminated with metals and semi-volatile organic compounds. Excavating and removing material from these sites can be costly.

  • Does the property have an (E) designation? - the city has placed an environmental (E) restrictive designation on many sites which requires owners to take additional steps prior to development. Whether the (E) restriction is due to hazardous materials, noise, or air, we can assist.

  • Have underground storage tanks (USTs) been located on the site in the past? - historical research using multiple sources is key to identifying the historic use of a property and the likely presence of tanks.  If there is any doubt we typically recommend a Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) survey.        

Call us now and speak to an engineer, we would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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