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Environmental Assessment

Whether your property is a small residential site or a large industrial facility we can help. Claymore can walk you through the assessment process and break down the risks so you understand potential liability. We regularly work with buyers, sellers and lenders from across the country and understand the need for timely reports so you can make an informed decision. Please check out our FAQs page to find answers to the questions our valued clients typically ask about due diligence. 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Following applicable ASTM guidance (currently E1527-21), all of our Phase I ESAs are completed by an experienced team and include a site inspection, historical records search (aerial photos, sanborn maps, historical topographic maps, city dirctories etc.), regulatory database search, and a comprehensive report which clearly identifies environmental concerns.

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Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

In the event that a Phase I ESA identifies Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), a Phase II Site Assessment may be recommended. The purpose is to further assess environmental concerns, quantify the risks, and to provide the user with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Due Diligence Assessment Model

Having spent decades working with attorneys, developers, lenders and insurance underwriters we realized that there was no simple way of quantifying environmental risk. While clients had a basic understanding of what risks were present during a real estate transaction, they couldn’t be expected to sift through thousands of pages of reports to get a simple answer to the question “what could go wrong and what could it cost me?”.

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Record Search With Risk Assessment (RSRA)

For clients pursuing SBA financing, lenders will likely require an RSRA which can be a useful tool for low risk properties. This assessment tool allows our professionals to review the history of a particular site and identify potential uses that could pose an environmental risk. Claymore has completed RSRAs for a variety of local and national lenders.

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