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  • Is a Phase II Intrusive?
    Phase II ESAs are an important part of due diligence but we understand that a seller may be reluctant to allow access. Our liability insurance exceeds the industry standard and we make sure that our work causes minimal disturbance to property users (owners, tenants, customers etc.)
  • Will identifying Recognized Environmental Conditions kill the deal?
    Not necessarily. Claymore regularly works with lenders, buyer and sellers to identify options for addressing environmental concerns. We can also help identify any grants or cleanup funds that may be available.
  • What is a Phase II and why do I need one?
    Should a Phase I identify Recognized Environmental Conditions, further investigation may be required. A phase II can include soil borings, GPR, and soil/groundwater sampling.
  • Will our lender accept your report?
    We have worked for many local and national lenders and all of our work follows standard industry practices. We can provide a reliance letter and proof of insurance for any lender and can assist with SBA/HUD environmental compliance.
  • What is a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) and why do I need one?
    A PCA gives you a general idea of the condition of the Site (building envelope, structure, grounds, mechanical systems etc.) and can be a useful negotiating tool. Our clients find great value in being able to plan for capital expenditures years before they have to write that check.
  • What are the most common Recognized Environmental Conditions?
    Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), hydraulic lifts, pesticide/herbicide use, septic systems and improper storage of chemicals can all be considered RECs depending on a number of factors.
  • Is Claymore certified in my state?
    All of our work is completed under the direct supervision of a Professional Engineer qualified to complete the services we offer. In an industry where many larger companies assign projects to inexperienced junior staff, we insist that all of our work is completed by experienced consultants.
  • How long and what is the cost?
    Depends on the property type and size but we can normally meet even the tightest of deadlines. We are happy to take your call and give you this answer immediately.

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