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Decorative Surface Fountains


From sales, installation and maintenance of top fountain manufactures, Claymore Pond and Lake Management offers a one stop shop when it comes to decorative surface fountains for ponds! Contact us to elevate the aesthetics of your pond today!

Overview of Pond Fountains

The addition of a water feature to a pond is a sure way to increase the appeal of the waterbody while increasing oxygen levels for aquatic life. 

A fountain consists of a water-tight motor unit fastened to a float that is powered from a fountain control panel. Electric is supplied to the unit through a heavy gauge power cord with a watertight connection. Units are typically 120v or 240v applications. 

Within the fountain control panel is a timer for both the motor unit and the lights, if equipped. Fountains are programable to run at custom time frames and run lengths, as well as the lights. The control panels are very user friendly allowing for easy changes to saved programs. 

Fountain Services Offered

Claymore Pond and Lake Management Offer the Following Fountain Services for Our Clientele:

System Design and Proposals

Fountain Sales from Top Fountain Manufactures 

Fountain Installations 

Fountain Removal, Cleaning and Off-Season Storage

Fountain Maintenance and Repairs

Complete Fountain Service Programs

Claymore Pond and Lake Management offers a complete hassle-free fountain maintenance program for your pond! From installation during the early spring, Claymore will ensure that your fountain is operating at its best all season long.

At the completion of the season Claymore will remove the fountain from the pond and power wash the unit of all algae and debris. The unit will then have new seals and fresh oil installed, ensuring the unit will be good to go for the following year.

Removal of the unit during winter months, along with routine maintenance, significantly improves the longevity of your fountain. Contact Claymore Pond and Lake Management  to set up a fountain maintenance program today!

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